Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Storage-coupled data capture?

Peter Sefton (UWS) has written up some notes from the Metadata Stores round table in Sydney on the 27th July 2012.

He is keen to get some feedback about the architectures that projects are using, particularly in the ReDBox community.

Peter's post provides:

1. A quick survey of architectural approaches to connecting Data Capture applications to Research Data Catalogues and central repositories.

2. A short discussion of requirements for Data Capture application that would run on a file store and allow researchers to create useful collections of data from any file-based data.

If you support building or adapting a Storage-coupled data capture app as part of your Metadata Stores projects then, please go to his UWS blog and comment.

Note. By way of an answer to a line from Peter's Post: '...feed data to what ANDS calls Metadata Stores'...The origin of the term 'Metadata Stores' is shrouded in the mists of time. However, my understanding is that it was intended to point towards infrastructure rather than the Institution Repository (IR) space.


  1. The following comment (2012-08-08 at 5:14 pm) was posted by Andrew Treloar on Peter's blog. I've copied it here (to replace a test comment) for continuity:

    A comment on the question about the origin of the term 'Metadata Store'. In my mind, it’s a contraction of Research Metadata Store, or to be even more pedantic (moi?) Store of Metadata about Research Data Collections and Associated Entities. Unsurprisingly, this last term didn’t make it past the focus groups or brand consultants. So, yes, there are lots of different kinds of metadata out there in the wild, and lots of different ways to store it. The use of the Metadata Stores shorthand should not be seen as making an ambit claim over any or all of these.


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