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Metadata Stores Community News #3 (24/05/2012)

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1. NLA announces the availability of the Trove Application Programming Interface.

... for everyone who likes to discover gems in Trove, a related VALA 2012 paper.

2. Building communities of interest - who is doing what in Metadata Stores.
Some of this information is changing. Please check data about your university and alert me to any updates.

3. New Training Module: How to obtain an ISIL code, register for Trove and access TIM.

4. Profile: Metadata Stores at the University of Adelaide (below).

Background and context

The University of Adelaide has been involved in three ANDS-funded projects to date: one Seeding the Commons project and two Data Capture projects. All three projects have produced RIF-CS compliant records for inclusion in Research Data Australia. There is currently no institutional facility for centrally storing these and subsequent metadata records.

The need for an institutional metadata store has been identified through the University of Adelaide’s Research ICT Review conducted by IT Strategy and Architecture staff in 2011. Also in 2011, the ANDS-funded Seeding the Commons project ‘Showcasing Research Data’ elicited researchers’ requirements for a University research data repository and metadata store. The project report Responses to interviews: University of Adelaide research data repository and metadata store indicates strong support from the research community for the development of a repository and metadata store. The report is available at

In April 2012 the University of Adelaide embarked on an ANDS and University co-funded Metadata Stores project. This project will realise the important first step in meeting the needs identified in the above mentioned report.

Project overview

The University of Adelaide is developing a semi-automated, institutional approach to the capture of metadata about research data collections from the University’s research community.

The University of Adelaide will utilise open source software to support a workflow for registering new collections. The workflow will leverage information already stored in the University’s HR and research management systems to describe researchers and research activities, thereby capturing rich contextual information to support the descriptions of research data collections, and minimising duplication of data entry.


The University of Adelaide will utilise open source software to support a workflow for registering new collections. Both ReDBox and Vivo are currently under consideration.


For more information contact Cathy Miller, Research Data Project Officer

Project Manager: PY Wong


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