Friday, 13 July 2012

Metadata Stores Community News #5

  1. Welcome to the Metadata Stores blog. The purpose of this blog is to provide a national communication channel for the MetaData Stores Community. Please inspect the tab for Funding Rules as well as the comparison of solution schematics. If you would like to post to this space please contact Simon Pockley for author permissions.

    Screenshot of the Australian Libraries Gateway where you can look up your ISIL code

  2. Action #1: Please follow this link to instructions on how to check your ISIL code, contributor name. You will need to confirm both, as well as the contact person e.g. AU-QGU, Griffith University - You can confirm by comment box, at the bottom of this post, or email to

    Action #2: Please also send a Harvest URL from which the NLA can retrieve your Party records. If you are not yet ready for this then please say 'not ready' or decide on the url that you intend to use.

    See Training below - questions - just ask...

  3. All TIM/Trove training modules are at: Modifications to TIM/Trove training Module 1: now split into 2 parts:
    • Module 1-A: Process for contributing party records to Trove and how to obtain an ISIL code. This module explains:
      • The process for contributing records to Trove
      • How to obtain an ISIL code (International Standard Identifier for Libraries and Related Organisations)
    • Module 1-B: Register with Trove and access TIM. This module explains:
      • How to register with Trove; and
      • How to access TIM ( Trove Identities Manager).
      • TIM Beta and Trove Test
      • TIM Production and Trove People and Organisations zone
  4. We now have 2 communities of practice who have agreed to regular Teleconferences: First the ReDBox collaboration, co-ordinated by Vicki Picasso (see contact list). Second, a VIVO Group co-ordinated by Simon Porter (see contact list). More detailed information about the working sub-groups of these communities will follow.

  5. A South East Queensland Metadata Stores Roundtable is scheduled for Thursday 19th July 2012 form 10:00am - 12:00pm. The agenda is reasonably open and the session will be informal to promote discussion.

    Note the venue will now be Room 712 of the QUT library (V Block), not 714 as originally advertised. For more, contact Andrew White [].
    • Introductions and update from each of the Metadata Stores Projects?
    • National level activity update from ANDS
    • Commonalities and synergies
    • DOI's
    • NLA Integration
    • Other topics


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