Thursday, 18 October 2012

Announcing DMP21

As we mentioned at our recent surgeries we hope to adapt the latest version of DMPonline to make it available.

Our version will have only 21 baseline data questions, but this can be expanded by you to meet your needs.
We hope the blog will help you understand what we are doing and our rational. We will post our thinking and results so you can follow our progress, comment and ask questions as we go.
With your help we will make DMP21 available and ready for you to customise and use at your institution.
As researchers create their data management plans you will be able to use their responses to advise and assist them.

The navigation bar shows the coverage of the questions in DMP21. These are the primary topic areas where researchers will contribute their information. These also become the areas of advice that researchers may require more help and assistance with. We aim to provide sound generic advice and information. DMP21 in addition allows institutions to add their own advice and local links to resources.

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