Thursday, 25 October 2012

Metadata Stores Community News #9

1. Software choice: The University of South Australia has evaluated a number of open source software solutions as part of the Research Metadata Store project. The Project Team documented the complete set of ANDS requirements in addition to capturing all the UniSA requirements for a research metadata store then compared each open source software solution against the combined ANDS and UniSA requirements. A summary of this evaluation [Google doc] is now available.

Consequently, there has been interest in comparing rationales for the choice of software for Metadata Stores. I am currently compiling a set of one paragraph summaries. Please contribute?

2. Research Data Management Guidelines: Congratulations to the University of Sydney on launch of their new site.

3. Workflows: Several universities have expressed an interest in comparing workflows - especially workflows relating to Data Management Planning and registering new Collections in the university.

Is there anyone who would be prepared to share their workflows? Please send me a version for sharing []

We have also been asked about workflow formatting requirements in the relation to Deliverable 6.

Acceptance: This will be demonstrated by a document description (with schematic) of the workflow that includes some form of alert or notification that a new collection has been, is being, or is about to be, created.

ANDS does not mandate any particular format for this description or the schematic. However, it would be useful if it was human readable. Here is an example of how ANDS describes a workflow Workflow 1: Contributing Party Records to Trove.

4. Metadata Stores surgery/clinic: The next clinic will be held on Novemeber 7th 2012 at 10:00am - a reminder will be sent out on the Monday before with the log-in details.


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