Wednesday, 14 November 2012

NLA Trove waypoints and TIM workshop/webinar

At eResearch 2012 it was suggested that ANDS conduct a Workshop/Webinar on matching names in the Trove Identities Manager (TIM). We are now attempting to get the timing right so that this workshop comes at a time when you are ready. We need to see where you are up to.

There would appear to be five waypoints where you have:

1. Completed Trove registration

2. Integrated into the Trove test environment
You may also recall a post relating Testing your NLA Party Infrastructure.

3. Integrated into Trove production

4. Retrieved NLA Identifiers
  • To complete this you should have retrieved one or more NLA identifiers and stored them in your local systems.

5. Supplied ANDS with the linked collections to NLA identifiers
  • To complete this you should have provide ANDS with the NLA identifiers in one of the following forms:
    • Workflow 1: as a related object to a collection, or
    • Workflow 2: as an identifier for a party record

Please let me know [] where your project is up to. I will follow with an email reminder.


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